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The ArtVend

Please check the ArtVend page HERE for all answers to these kinds of questions

Shipping in the US including Hawaii, Alaska. Shipping to territories for machines is $30 flat rate.

That is up to you. You can make vending random or inform customers of what is on each level. We are working on display slots you can stick in the window to communicate what is on each level.

ArtVend machines come standard with special token mechanisms.

We have options for other mechanisms including quarter, loonie (Canadian $1 Coin), toonie (Canadian $2 Coin), and free-vend.

You can purchase the coin wheels separately to switch out on your own HERE or have them installed when your purchase your ArtVend.

THIS GUIDE can teach you how to make your mechanisms Free-Vend.

THIS GUIDE can teach you how to switch your coin wheels.

You must choose only one coil size to come with your ArtVend. You can purchase extra coils HERE if you want to mix and match.

Custom tokens are available on a preorder basis HERE. The MOQ is 2000 tokens, and we cannot accommodate smaller quantities. 

You can find the custom decal templates HERE

We have many plans and ideas for future ArtVend machines, including bigger and electronic ones.


You can add on to any currently open order with us. Please place any additional orders as soon as possible. You must use the same email address and shipping address.

Our next pre-order is March 29th at 1pm EST.

We will have international shipment available through our Etsy (Click Here). These will LAUNCH IN AUGUST. Prices will be the same as on our website; you only have to pay for shipping. Mind that we cannot control shipping, which are prices set by the shipping company.


If you move, please email us your new address asap and we will change it in our system!

We use UPS for our shipping. If you want to ship to a PO box, please make sure you are using your extended PO box address. This could be slightly different from your usual PO Box address for USPS. You may have received this address when you got your information for your PO Box. You will want to use the Googleable address for your post office with your box number in the second address line.

123 Main Street, PO Box #, Anytown, USA 12345

The difference:

The ArtVend
PO Box 10121
New Iberia, LA 70562


The ArtVend
817 E Dale St
PO Box 10121
New Iberia, LA 70560

The difference: A street address and a po box number as well as a different zip code (not always different)


Lafayette, Louisiana!