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Changing Your Coin Wheel

If you need to change your coin wheel to a new currency, this is the guide for you!

Recommended Supplies

  • Screwdriver. We recommend THIS flexible ratcheting screwdriver for the hard to reach screws. 
  • Containers to separate screws
  • Rag to clean off tools
  • Lubricating grease for the gears if needed

Using the diagram below, you are going to want to remove all screws (6) except for the one in the middle left holding parts (12) and (13). Save screw part (10) for last. Slowly unscrew (10) and place to the side. Gently separate the back plate (4) from the front plate (2). Pull the coin wheel (3) off of the front plate (2).Change your coin wheel out with the new one. Check to make sure the coin detector (12) and the coin detector sprint (15) are properly in place as shown in diagram (I). Place the coin wheel (3) back on in the correct orientation. Reverse your steps (this is best done with a partner). 

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